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"Be true to yourself & you wont live a lie - bless up" Red Fox

Simply Said Media had the pleasure of interviewing "Jamaica Nice", you know Dancehall Veteran DJ Red Fox.  The interview went well below are the highlights and his artist profile.

Name: Gareth Shelton AKA Red Fox
Height: 5’7”
Complexion: Light skin with unique freckles
Born: August 13th 
Honors & Awards:
Honored with numerous local awards for various hit singles.  
Tamika Reggae Award recipient in 1994 & 1997 for DJ of the Year.
His accomplishments include:
Elecktra Records deal in 1993, during in era where Reggae music was crossing over.
The first reggae artist to bless the stage of the Jay Leno show with the Wailing Souls.
International Reggae Star Shaggy was one of his proteges.
Helped pioneer the fusion of Reggae & Hip Hop with his ground breaking hit with Brand Nubian bridging the gap between the two music genres.
Toured for 10 years with Maxi Priest.

Red Fox began recording November 17, 1987 with hits like "Come Boogie Down" and others he remembers performing at Biltmore Ballroom, Starlight, basements & clubs from 1986.  I will always remember Red Fox as a NY DJ because that is where I first met him and no one can forget his fiery, raspy strong voice.  He was considered a local NY artist with international status.  We talked a little bit about the strength in his voice and he stated that he discovered it when he was about 14 years of age.  He saw Chakademus doing his thing with a sound in Edgewater and in Portmore, he was amazed.  He was also a big fan of General Trees.  He recalls imitating them.  Then his school kept a BBQ and this would be Red Fox's first time picking up a mic he shocked the crowd and himself as far as what was flowing out.  That was THEN, what is going on with Red Fox NOW?

Well for starters he has new music out :) with Ranch Records, which is Shaggy's    record label.  The title of the single "Rocky Daddy Love" featuring Alja, "Your Love is Fire" featuring Alja, "So de ting go" which was recently released in Europe.  Red Fox is always recording.  He also gives back to his community at home in the states and back home in Jamaica.  He continues to look for new talent in Jamaica.  He educates them and prepares them for the industry.

I had to talk about his hair.  Red Fox is such a sweet person, very humble and I  asked since his hair is locked did he embrace the Rastafarian way of life.  "I don't consider Rasta a religion, I consider it a movement, I am that I am.  I believe we're all one people under God, regardless of our complexion.  Religion is good as far as disciplining a person, I love the Rastafari movement.  Rasta teaches me about healthy habits, it's a combination, I am a Rasta."    

We talked about where reggae music is today and his perspective.  Red Fox is an intellect that uses his knowledge of the industry to help the youths better themselves.  You don't hear much about this because unfortunately in the world of media sensationalism sells papers and boosts ratings.  He understands that what influences young people today will manifests itself through the music that is being produced he believes in the basics and the authenticity of reggae music.  Real vocals not auto tune, he understands what is trending but also understands that mastering the craft is necessary & education and opportunity would need to be available for the preservation and development of reggae music.

His message to his fans "I just want people to believe in themselves & trust God regardless whatever moment your going through just trust God cause it’s mind over matter.  Be true to yourself & you wont live a lie & bless up!"

I've known Red Fox since the early 90's we did a stage show together, (my sisters and I handled the fashion segment) back then he & Screechie Dan had the biggest hit for the summer "Pum Pum Shorts" till this day, if you play that song, I'm having a ball! What a combination.  He is so genuine, down to earth & just a blessed individual that contributed so much to the reggae industry and continues to do so.

You can keep in touch with Red Fox on Twitter @originalredfox and on facebook at Original Red Fox.  If you have an artist that you would like Simply Said Media to interview for our "Then & Now" series feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at  and we can make it happen.  Till my next entry...

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